Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Ideas

Just two quick idea's. I was going for tie-dyed Easter Eggs, but didn't quite get that look, but they still look cool with the lines around them. If you notice the very far one in the right corner, I was going for a polka dot egg. I used stickers on it, but you can hardly notice in the pictures. They do them no justice. They turned out pretty cute. If you look closely at the one on the left upper corner, you'll see the white stars I made out of stickers. Just a few fun ideas!


Heather said...

Try using a wax crayon to draw on dots before you dye the eggs. That should work to out on polka dots!

Dover Fam said...

That is how we do polka dots too! :) Love the rubber band idea Brandy! That looks cool.