Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Clause Stories

I love Christmas books. I love stories about baby Jesus and about His birth, but I also love a good Santa Clause story. Check out 3 of our favorites. Click on the word book to be taken to a direct link to each book. I know it's to late in the season to get them for this year, but they are definitely, must haves!

This book is hysterical and makes me laugh out loud. The little boy cracks me up. I especially love the illustrations. The one of him in his pajama's is so funny.

Armed with the facts, young Alfie sets out to prove to the world that Santa Claus does not exist but no one pays attention, especially his sister Noelle, whose only request of the man in red is a nicer big brother.Cantankerous child Alfie F. Snorklepuss, who tells everyone who will listen that Santa Claus doesn't exist, gets a much-needed attitude adjustment from the man in red who takes him on an eye-opening journey to the North Pole.

We just got this book from the book order! I love it! We bought the companion book last year and they are both just really fun stories that the kids enjoy.

Knowing that he will need some help pulling his sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve, Santa begins to meet with an array of animals to find just the perfect group to assist him with his very important, high-flying task.

I bought this book last year and my kids loved it. It's so funny. When Santa attempts to hire additional employees to help with the very busy season ahead, he finds it difficult to find the suitable workers he needs as the mermaids make the gifts wet, the fairies leave glitter on everything, and the wizards accidentally transform him into a frog. We used it for a present exchange last year. Every time we said the word toys the kids had to pass their present to the right. Super fun!

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