Friday, December 4, 2009

Tile Picture Gifts

I am crazy sharing these because some of my friends and family do read this blog. Some of you may be getting these for Christmas and some may no. But they turned out so cute, so I had to share. Last year Mandee and I did these for our mom's. I took this idea and did a little different twist for some of my friends this year..

I got the idea for the temple pictures from The Idea Door. She has quite a few pictures that you can print out and use for this project. I went to and pulled off different temples and put them into picnick to edit them. I wanted to do the temple that each couple had been sealed in. For some who haven't been to the temple, I did pictures of just the temple. And for some I did photo's of them and added to the top. Est. and the year they were married.

I was going to do these on wood and use ribbon to tie them, but then I remember the tiles and thought why not? A little less work, no cutting! Mandee had some little tiles so I borrowed some and got to to work. They were a off-white color to start with, but I painted them black and then just modge-podged the picture to the tile. Then I went over it with a couple coats of modge podge. Easy!!

So you'll notice that I have 2 different things going on here. Some of my pictures did not want to print off small enough to go onto the tiles. FRUSTRATION AND TEARS! So I went looking for bigger tiles, but couldn't find what I needed. I was in the dollar store and I saw these cute little Christmas tin decorations and I grabbed some because they were about the right size. Painted them, and did the same thing. I just need to add some ribbon to the wire and they will be ready to go! I just printed these off at home and used paper to print them on . It bubbles. The picture of my friends is really bubbly. I will probably do that one over.(The next morning the air bubbles had worked out and it looks awesome! Patience is a virtue!) Last year when we did the pictures on picture paper, we didn't have that problem. You can use the pictures from, because they are copyright free, so it would be worth it to print them off at Costco. Believe me, the 13 cents will be worth it.

As an after thought, I believe I will make some gifts out of these, go check out this awesome word art that you could print off and use to make fun sayings. I like this one and this one. Oh, oh and this one! Lot's of options here. Oh, and this is one of my favorites, although who would put this on the wall?Funny stuff!!

Here are a few of the photo's I made up. Feel free to save them and use them, if you'd like.


Misty said...

Awesome idea, Brandy!! I've got some tiles just sitting here that I need to do something with!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Love those! They are great.