Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Straw Snakes

This is one of the easiest activities I have ever done!! It seriously took just a few minutes, I had the supplies on hand and Tyson was entertained all day! I originally got the idea from World Preschool Mom. If you have a few minutes today, go check out her sight. She is full of fun and innovative idea's. I will be doing more projects from her blog soon.

What you need is straws and some kind of string. We used shoelaces, it made this activity a little easier for smaller hands, because threading straws onto yarn is hard!! First I let Tyson cut the straws into pieces. Any size he wanted. He had fun because the straws would flip into the air and they were all over my kitchen.

Then you just string them onto your yarn or shoelace. You can do patterns or just random placement. When your done, just tie the ends off and you have a fun straw snake!

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