Friday, December 11, 2009

Neighborhood Gifts

We've been busy! Did a few big boxes of goodies for my husband's work and several companies that he works with closely! It's so much easier to go big and give to all the guy's at work, rather than give individual plates. I am not doing goodie plates for neighbors this year. It's to crazy! To many people, so here are a few things that we have going on.
Homemade freezer jam and bags of Lehi Roller Mills bread mixes. These are bigger gifts for the Young Women's presidency and advisers. Love those ladies! We spend so much time together and they have all gotten to be my good friends! On the lids of the jam, it says "Hope your holiday's are "Jam" packed with Christmas Spirit!"

For everyone else, they get pasta! Any kind of pasta will do. You could even attach a can of spaghetti sauce to this and make it an even nicer gift.

In case you can't read the tag it says "Have a "pasta-tively" Merry Christmas!"
What are you giving to the neighbors?

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