Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walmart: A necessary Evil

I hate going to Wal-mart. I hate it with a passion. I avoid it at all costs. It's not so much that I don't like shopping there, but I have yet to have a positive experience when shopping their with my children. It usually ends up that at least once if not twice during the shopping trip, a Wal-Mart employee will yell at my children, for being children. I've had them yelled at for touching toys, bouncing a glitter ball, for sitting quietly in the middle of the aisle's looking at books. You name it. It's like my kids have a sign that says, "Yell at me!" tattooed to their foreheads.

I don't know what it is, about that big blue sign. It's like a beacon to my children, that shouts to them, "Be naughty, run amuck! Cause chaos and make your mother look like the worst mom in the world!" I seriously mean that.

Take today for example. We had to go across town to a birthday party. I needed to pick up a few things from the grocery store, and since Wal-Mart just happened to be right there, I figured I would save myself some time and make one stop, because I was also looking for a few craft supplies.

So, if you can imagine, my 7-year-old, my 5-year-old and my *darling* 2-year-old proceed to be children. Bickering, crying for toys, "I want this, I want that." But for the most part, not to bad.

So we get up to the check out, which always brings the chorus of "I want a treat," and my 2-year-old is hanging out of the cart and pulling her brothers shirt over his head. I am trying to load bags into the cart and my 5-year-old is trying to help, by turning the bag station. The employee, who was a very nice older lady, asked him to stop. I told him to stop. I send J.D. to grab something off the end cap and he is taking forever. I ask Tyson to go find J.D., and he promptly starts yelling across the store for J.D. The chaos continues for a few more minutes, and Tyson touches the dang bag station again and the employee tells him, a little crossly, in my opinion, to stop.

I flipped. This poor lady, who was trying to check me out as quickly as possible, got an earful of why I hate Wal-Mart. I told her that, although he was being naughty, it never failed for me to have a horrible experience in Wal-Mart, because they have employees who are not nice to children. I had a line full of older ladies, behind me. All Grandma's who are watching this whole thing go down. The poor cashier is stuttering her apologies, for something she didn't even really do.

And now I feel awful. The cashier was so nice and I totally unloaded on her! Every time I take my kids to Wal-Mart, I vow to never return. I prefer Target, their employees seem to be much more laid back and much nicer. I'm beginning to think it's worth hiring a babysitter, just so I can do my shopping. When I am a Grandma and in line, behind some poor women with a cart full of stuff and children running a muck. I will remember myself and I will step in and intervene and help. At least, I hope I will.


Kris said...

Hey come to our Walmart and I will watch your kids for free!!!!! Sorry you had such a bad time.

Heidi said...

I would have to agree with you 100%! I've never had anyone yell at my darling 2 year olds because they're usually stuck in the cart screaming their heads off. I get a lot of looks though. I like target for the popcorn to entertain the kids while I shop :)