Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saving Money on Baked Goods

Kids love baked goods from the bakery. I however, don't really care for the price. I can spend the same amount and make tons more of those yummy baked goodies. I love to bake and spend time in the kitchen, but I am really trying to cut back on the calories, so I don't like to bake, because I have a tendency to eat said treats, if they are homemade!

That's why I like to check out the quick sale racks when I go to the store. I take my goodies home and I freeze them. Today I scored 3 trays of cinnamon rolls for $0.99 cents a piece! Regularly priced $2.99 a tray.! They had the sell by date, marked for today, so really, they aren't a day old. These cinnamon rolls are being used for a Young Women activity this weekend, so I just popped them in the freezer, because I will need all of them at the same time.

My kids love glazed donuts. It's such a treat to get them when we go to the store. I also buy these on the quick sale rack. I bring them home, let the kids have one for a treat and then I package them into freezer bags in groups of 3 or 4 donuts. Lay them in the freezer, so they are flat and freeze them that way. That way when the kids want a donut, I pull out a package, pop one in the microwave for 30 seconds and wala, warm, yummy glazed donuts!! For $2.99, I get 4 packages of donuts!!

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