Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tender Mercies

My blessings and providers of tender mercies

My day today is, not so good. Not terrible, horrible, or bad, but just no good. A yucky day. We all have those don't we? If you don't, please share your recipe for success. I think we could all use that recipe and would use it often.
It started out with a bad night. I have eczema on my hands in a horrible way. Six months and nothing I have tried has helped it. Well, something I did or ate yesterday broke them out in a whole new, horribly, itchy oozing rash. Sorry for the gorey details. So, needless to say, I didn't sleep last night. I was up in tears, trying not to scratch them and tossing on the couch.

And then this morning, my kids started fighting and it just escalated from there. I sent my poor 2nd grader off to school with a not so happy feeling in his heart, I'm sure. I might run down to the school, just to give him a hug, I feel so bad.

BIG SIGH! Life happens. I'm sure it won't be the last time I yell at my kids. But I am also trying to remember that they are just kids.

It's a good thing Heavenly Father loves me. I am so grateful for his tender mercies. He know what I need and what can help me. I am so grateful for that. I read this article this morning, and was in tears. We are indeed blessed and loved.

(I promise that at some point, we will get back to posting fun, happy stuff! Crafts and mommy things! I promise!! Don't give up on us!)


Yvette said...

Hi, I found your blog through Stephanie Hall (she's my sister in law) Anyway, dont be to hard on yourself. Everyone yells at there kids now and then. Probably didnt help that you were up all night and didnt get much sleep.You might know this already but have you ever tried oatmeal or lotion with oatmeal. My kids get eczema on their faces and we've even tried putting vaseline on and it seems to make it better. I love your blog and getting ideas for crafts! So thank you! Just wanted you to know that your not alone. Your right Heavenly Father does love you and is aware of your needs and wants to help. Hope you have a better day and night tonight

Heidi said...

First of all, I love that picture! And I have those days quite often! Especially with the twins that are starting to fight like cats and dogs now! How do you teach 2 two-year-olds not to fight? I just have to keep telling myself tomorrows a new day and I really look forward to it!