Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Printable Valentines

If your looking for creative Valentine's day idea's, go search the web. There are soooo many crafty people who are willing to share. Here are just a few.
Alpha Mom has a FANTASTIC list of fre Valentines that you can print!

I love owls. And I love Living Locurto! This is only one of the darling gems you'll find at her place!

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Cole and Kimala said...

Just make sure you live in an area that is zoned for farm animals..... or you will have neighbors screaming at you!! This didn't happen to me, but I know some people that thought it would be fun to have chickens and they got a rooster too. Not good when the rooster crows in the neighbors window or when the roost on the fence and the neighbor gets the mess. Needless to say, the city took all the animals away, because the area is not zoned for such animals.