Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We've all had those moments.....

Moments when those we love are sick, hurt or have been involved in a tragic accident. I know that I have felt those same feelings, when I have seen the suffering of others. Empathy, human nature, call it what you will. We feel that empathy because we can relate. We are all important to someone. We are all brothers, sisters, sons & daughters. Husbands, wives, fathers & mothers. Friends and family. How could we look at this family and not feel empathy for them? How would we feel if this was one of our own???

I have faith in the blogging community. I have seen it work miracles. Look at what it did for Nie Nie and her family in their time of need. This world is filled with kind and compassionate people. People like you and me who want to help. Be it in a big or small way, we want to serve if we can.

Let me introduce you Bryce Jenkins and his family.

Some of you may have noticed this picture on our blog. It's in the upper right hand corner. I don't know Bryce that well. He is a few years older than me. He has a younger brother and some cousins that were my age.We all lived in the same county and attended the same small high school. A small county, full of small towns and where everyone knows everyone. It doesn't matter how far away you go, it's still home.

Bryce is currently fighting colon cancer. It's aggressive and unfortunately Bryce has had a life threatening reaction to chemotherapy. Miraculously, Bryce has recently been given an opportunity to participate in a new, experimental cancer treatment in Germany.

To complete the treatment Bryce must return to Germany twice each month for 8 more months; and while the Doctors are donating their time and the formula, Bryce must pay the costs of airfare, hotel, and hospital fees, which are running about $8,000 each visit.

Can you imagine??? Even in less trying economic times this would be a staggering amount. I know that not all of us are in a position to donate. But can't we all at least spread the word about Bryce and his family? It's free to do and could help tremendously. You never know who might stumble across this and what they can do.

If you had the hope of being cured and of possibly finding a cure for others who have been diagnosed with this disease, wouldn't you take it? What wouldn't you do for your family? How deeply grateful would you be for any help that you might receive?

If your interested in learning more about Bryce or in donating, go here.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, repost this on your blog and help spread the word.

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