Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I need advice

This girl is unbearable cute!! However, she is causing me a lot of grief. She's a BITER. Now, my boys have bitten other people, but usually a bite back or a flick on the lips and they learned their lesson. NOT THIS GIRL! She will bite you and clamp on and break the skin. MEAN, MEAN, MEAN! I have tried biting her back, time out, flicking her mouth and of course explaining that biting hurts to a 2-year-old is like talking to the wall.

My poor 4-year-old seems to be the recipient of most of her bites. Why she has targeted him, I don't know, but poor little guy. Last week he was screaming bloody murder because she had gotten ahold of his toe's (not sure how) and she bit them hard.

Any advice??? It would be greatly appreciated. I am at my end with this and don't know what to do?????????


Heidi said...

I'm sure this isn't what your looking for but it's probably just a phase she's going through. I don't know what else would work unless you try a reward system for no biting. That's the only thing that worked for Juel when he went through a hitting stage. Every morning I showed him $1 and if he went all day without hitting someone then he could buy something with that money. She might be too young for this but it's worth a try.

Jackie said...

i am a followe rof your blog :) and i have some advice for you about her biting. Yes, although it is a fase she is going through i have found that using something like washing her mouth with soap or hotsauce on the tongue etc. although it sounds mean they usually don't like hot or yucky things in there mouth and so anything associated with these things they usually stay away from, so maybe it will help her avoid biting if she knows it will involve yucky stuff in her mouth like hotsauce, soap etc.

DV- Rebecca L. said...

I can only throw you a line, we are so in the same boat!! My 2 year old does the exact same thing. My 8 yr old has tons of bruises and my 4 year old too. IT has mostly moved on to scratching- but when she does bite- she does hold on, tight! This girl has been spanked more than all my other kids combined. Hang in there- and I will too! ;)
PS blog looks great- I haven't been around for a bit.