Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I. Must. Have. One.

So the other morning at 7:00 am, I was playing on my blog and clicked on my friend, Kims blog and she had a picture of this beautiful, camp chef posted in all it's glory!!! I knew right away that I HAD to have one. I called my husband right away, and the first thing he asked was, "Why are you on the computer at 7:00 in the morning looking at camp chefs?"

All day long I thought about it and when he got home, I dragged him into the office so I could show him. The dang thing can make muffins and lasagna. How cool is that??? So while I haven't yet had the chance to buy one, because there is no Cabela's here, I am planning on getting one soon. I am going to Salt Lake in September, maybe then. Maybe, my husband will buy it for me for Christmas!!! HINT, HINT! I am a strange girl, I know. I want a camp chef for Christmas, go figure.


Dover Fam said...

That is so funny. I saw this at HURST on the fourth of July and told Adam to put it on the top of my christmas list. I love it! MUST HAVE ONE!!

Kim Henke said...

I do completely love mine! I think you can get a better deal on one through though...shipped. Who says you have to wait until Christmas...there are still months of camping time left this year! :)