Friday, July 31, 2009

Downloadable Butter Beer Labels

Have I mentioned, I love Harry Potter? Mandee, not so much. She fell asleep during the Half Blood Prince. It's amazing, I tell ya that were such good friends!! :)... She knows I love her, even if our taste in movies differs. Anyway...

Here is a great list of ideas for a great Harry Potter themed party. She had downloadable Butter Beer! How cute! I made Butter Beer once, from a recipe off of mugglenet, and it was really sweet. So sweet we couldn't drink it, but I love the idea of just using Cream Soda.

Here is a link for tons of Harry Potter crafts. This is a cool sight with recipes and lot's of fun easy crafts. I think we might do a Halloween Party this year and center it around Harry Potter. Who knows? Anyway, I thought it was cute. Had to share! Have a FABULOUS day!

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