Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter was........

Amazing, fabulous, and exceptionally well done!

I am a die hard Harry Potter fan! I love the series and I have really enjoyed the movie franchise. I was to TICKED when Warner Brothers changed the release date last year. But I must admit, I got over the moment I heard the familiar theme music!! I honestly think this was the best movie yet. I mean sure there were some changes that I didn't like, but for the most part it followed the book.

I also think that the actors have come into their own. I was so happy to see Rupert Grint get some more screen time. He did a phenomenal job!!! Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff did an excellent job, as always. The whole movie was really well done. One of the things that I have most enjoyed about the movies, is that the characters have for the most part stayed the same. I HATE when you love a series and the actors change right in the middle of it.

The only thing I missed was the final battle scene at Hogwarts. That should have been in there. There was a certain scene in the middle of the movie (I don't want to spoil it for anyone) that was AMAZINGLY DONE, but didn't happen in the book. They could have replaced it with the battle scene and the movie would have been perfect. Jim Broadbent also did a wonderful rendition of Horace Slughorn. He was perfectly cast for that part.

Go see it this weekend. And if you don't want to brave all the crazy fans, go see it next week. It is DEFIANTLY one you won't want to miss. And if your one of those people who wait and rent the video, don't because it won't do it any justice at all.

I am also curious what others thought? Any die hard fans want to share their thoughts and opinions???


Heather said...

Just saw the movie last night and I could not agree more with the 2 scenes you mentioned! DH, who has not read the book, guessed that the middle scene wasn't true to the book. I also wish they would have gone more into the Half Blood Prince, after all that was the title! Also Greyback should have been explained a little more. But if they had done all that, I'm sure the movie would have been twice as long LOL!

Kris said...

I can't wait to see it!

Dover Fam said...

Adam loved it.It made no sense to me but the special effects were awesome. Until I fell asleep. :) I still think harry and hermoine need to hook up. :) I can see how people could love Harry Potter and I am glad that there are die hard fans out there that like it. It makes me happy when people really get into something.