Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine Party Woes

Ok, I know we just got Christmas out of the road and now I am asking for help with Valentines day. I am the party mom for my first grade daughters class and I am looking for ideas!!! Please let me know if you have any for me. :)

I am looking for treats, games, and crafts. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you so very much. You guys are all amazing.


Kellie said...

I just goggled for ideas and found this page...I think they had some fun ideas. Good luck!

Shauna said...

I will have to dig up some of my old photos and scan them for a post.
One thing that I did for several years what get pizza boxes from dominoes and have the kids paint them to cover the writing, and then decorate the outside of the box.
Inside I had a large heart shaped sugar cookie the size of a small pizza. The kids decorated the large cookie and placed it in the decorated box to give as a gift to their families.
Watch for the post.

Smullin Family said...

I don't know if I can discribe this well, but you take those button candies (the little candies that are stuck to paper) and make a valentines card shaped like a cell phone (the candies are the buttons on the phone). I think I may have seen this in a Family Fun magazine. I've been wanting to do this, so I'll have to find my instructions.