Thursday, January 22, 2009

72-Hour Kit Baby Steps

For a great resource on food storage, emergency preparedness and 72 hour kits, click here.

72 Hour Kits in 10 Steps

Step 1: Find a container
Step 2: Add clothing
Step 3: Add water
Step 4: Plan Meals & buy Food
Step 5: Add Tools & Lighting
Step 6: Add First Aid Supplies
Step 7: Add Shelter & Warmth
Step 8: Add medicine & Vitamins
Step 9: Add Radio & Cash
Step 10: Add other supplies

Baby steps. A little at a time. I did this several years ago and it's time to go through and redo our 72-hour kits. We rotate them every 6 months. We usually do it over conference weekend, but some of our items no longer apply, so here we go again.

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