Saturday, January 17, 2009


How many of you have kids who like to wrap string around their fingers and play in blind cords? My little Tyson does, but today we had a huge scare and I never even considered that this could happen.

I was running to get my husband some lunch and I told J.D. to unbuckle Tyson while I got the baby out of her carseat. J.D. yells at me that Tyson has the seat belt wrapped around his neck!! So I go around the car to climb in the back seat and it is not only wrapped around his neck but twisted around itself several times. Tyson had somehow pulled it out so that as the seat belt went back into the seat it had caught and each time he pulled his head it tightened tighter and tighter.

I was calm at first and I tried to see if I could get enough slack to pull his head out. About 20 seconds into trying, I realized that there wasn't enough slack. I couldn't get the seat belt to pull out because it's working properly and doing it's job, so I am holding on it, just praying that with all the movement we can keep the little slack that we do have. I am starting to get a little panicky because he is panicking. I call my husband, who was just down the street and told him I was going to send J.D. to find scissors so that I could cut the seat belt. He told me not to cut it and that he would be right there. He got there in like a minute, I don't know how fast he was flying, but he was quick. By this point, I had been able to get Tyson out of the booster seat so that I could give him a little more wiggle room. I'm yelling at my husband to just cut it and he's working his magic, but he unlatched the bench seat and pushed it forward and he somehow was able to get enough slack pulled out of the seat belt to get his head out.

The whole event was probably 5 minutes, if that, but it was so scary. Tyson's poor little face was bright red and he has sweat just pouring off his face and he was hysterical. And it hurt, because as he was struggling the seat belt was just rubbing his neck raw. It looked awful and these pictures do it no Justice. By the time we got home and I got all the kids in the redness was pretty much gone, but it looks like he has hickeys all over his neck!! Should be interesting explaining that one at church tomorrow.

If I had had a pair of scissors or a knife in my car, I wouldn't have hesitated to cut it, once I realized I couldn't get enough slack to get his head out. Never in a million years could I have imagined that happening. So just be careful. You never know what can happen.


Dover Fam said...

HOLY MOLY!!! So scary.

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

I've actually heard a story about a mom who did cut her seat belt. So scary but i am glad your hubby was close enough to help and he is okay. I hate the thought of losing a little one!

Kellie said...

So scary! Glad he is okay!!!

Angie said...

that is so scary!!! i am so happy he is okay.