Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok, I just had to share this crazy story....

So, lastnight Adam and I were just playing around on Facebook and looking up people. So, for the heck of it we type in "Dover" (wierd concept but whatever:) So, we are looking, Adam is asking people what Dover side they come from, etc. etc.... When all of a sudden Adam stops the cursor on a name and says "hmmmmm. how did this happen"? So I look and there is the name Logan David Dover! I say "Your kidding me? There is another kid in Utah named Logan David Dover? That is crazy" He then says, "uh, Mandee.Look at the picture" IT WAS A PICTURE OF MY LOGAN WITH BAYLEE>

All of a sudden I get really panicked. It was 11 o'clock at night but I needed to know RIGHT THEN if Logan had set it up at 1:20 on the 20th of December. So, I go into his room, try to wake him up. He won't wake up, by this time I am convinced someone has taken my sons identity. So I see a cup of water on his nightstand and I very gingerly put it on his face. Sure enough he wakes up. I say (very calmly of course) Logan, did you set up an account on facebook?" Through very tired eyes he says "No". I then of course come running out to Adam. "He says he didn't do it!" SO by this time I am ready to make my blog private because I just know someone is taking pictures and using my kids on facebook.

So I go ask him again, sure enough this time it is a different tune. "Logan, Honey, you need to tell me right now if you did it or not. It is very important". He looks at me and says "Yes mom, it was me. I set up an email account in Yahoo so I could do it". OH MY GOSH. Here I thought I had done a good job observing what was done on my computer. It is in the dining room in my very small house. How could I have missed it?? It could be worse, there are far worse things to see on it but it truly scared me.

So, we contacted facebook and they have removed it but I am so shocked still that my son knew how to set up an account, upload a picture, set up an email, all on his own. Needless to say our computer now has a password. All is well now but I just wanted to let you know to NEVER underestimate the capability of children. It was a real eye opener. But to give him some credit, he never logged back on it after he set it up. After asking him why he wanted an account he said "I just wanted to do bowling and pet society" . Bless the little children. :)

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