Thursday, December 18, 2008

Only in the Desert

Well, we are snowed in here in good ole Southern Utah. There is one problem with that; we live in the Desert and there are only 2 snow plows in the county!!!! Because of this we are having a snow day and there isn't school. This I find funny, I realize it is because of the lack of plows and deicing equipment but I went to Elementary School in Colorado Springs where we went to school in blizzardy conditions! So think of us here in the desert today with snow and lack of boots, gloves, heavy coats, or scarves. :)

Any ideas for entertaining kids on a snowy day? What are some things you do to pass the day? Would love to hear, although I am sure the kids will spend all day in the snow. It is pretty to look at and fun to watch the kids enjoy something they don't ever have.


Erin said...

I live in Cedar City, where we have 8 new inches of snow since last night. My son has school today, but his bus couldn't make it up our hill, and I drive a Honda Civic and the roads haven't been plowed yet! So he isn't going to school today. I plan on having him make Christmas cards for all of the grandparents, then we will read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever together, and of course playing in the snow!

rowleypoley said...

I let my kids play out in the snow until they'd had enough! Who knows when we'll get snow again! We also worked on our friend/neighbor gifts for Christmas. What a fun day!

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said... advice yet but I bet after moving to Vernal next week I will learn some! I did try hot chocolate with orange zest last night and it was so good (fresh Arizona citrus helps). I think I'll go have some right now...hope you all had a fun SNOW DAY! (We love that book by the way, There's noooooo day like snoooooo day.)