Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Birthday Cake Only a 4-year-old Could Love.

I am not artistic when it comes to drawing or to decorating cakes. It is the worst combination of things to have me do. Today is my Tyson's 4th birthday and he had his heart set on a Wall E Cake. The boy is having cake 3 times this week!!! So rather than buying a cake I decided to make a cake and I was going to try and free hand a Wall E picture on the cake. My sister-in-law, Kris suggested printing off a picture of Wall E and cutting it out and tracing it onto the cake with frosting. GREAT IDEA!! It really was! And if someone with one ounce of artistic ability did it, then maybe it would have turned out.
They look nothing alike!

I can't decide if it looks like ET or or Wall E. I'm leaning twoards to ET. My kid's don't even know who ET is!! Mandee said maybe Short Circuit! I've never seen it, but maybe~

It's the saddest cake I've ever seen! But it made this little guy grin the biggest birthday grin ever!
Happy Birthday Tyson!


Dover Fam said...

I see a slight resemblence:) No really, it looked really cute!

Kellie said...

I think you did a great job!!! I could tell who he was...Happy b-day!

Letti said...

You did better than I would have done. Besides as long as it tastes good. Right?

Kritta22 said...

Oh my stinking goodness! It looks totally great!!

Dover Fam said...

Hi other bro