Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Foam Swords

Another fun Christmas present that my boys got were these fun swords. I picked them up at the Dickens Festival, which is this fun holiday boutique that they hold every year. I paid $3.00 a piece for these and my husband was appalled. He said we could have made them for a lot less, but I don't think we could have done it for less, because to do it in bulk, it would be lots less expensive than to make 2 swords. Sorry for the rambling, but anyway. These are made out of a short piece of pvc pipe, an end cap, about 1/3rd of a piece of foam noodle, and some garden edging. So easy! If you were throwing a pirate birthday party these would be so awesome. The pvc is probably about a foot long, so when you get hit with the sword it doesn't hurt, because it's only noodle that your getting hit with. For boys this is a great thing, because they love to sword fight.

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