Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Popsicle Cosies

Type Popsicle Cosie into your google search and see what pops up. HILARIOUS and somewhat disturbing.... Anywho, I saw this idea last year, and I can't remember where, hence the google search. I thought about making them, but just never got around to it. My 3-year-old loves Popsicles, but doesn't like to hold them, so she wraps wash clothes around them. The other day, I was watching her and remembered these!
So easy and my kids are in love with them. Every time they have a Popsicle, they have to run and grab a cosie now. Even my older kids! I love it. I took pictures to post a tutorial, but they are the simplest things ever to make.

1. Cut yourself a piece of 3x4 felt. The 3 being your height and the 4 your width.

2. Fold the felt in half, so that you have a 2 inch piece of felt. Sew a stitch down the side. I did a fun zig zag stitch. I used the edge of the zipper foot as my guide. Trim it up and you've got a Popsicle cosie that will fit an otter-pop!

That's it! So easy and so cute! We have a huge stockpile in different colors, because we are the neighborhood party house.


Letti said...

Very clever. My kids would love them!

Pedey said...


Heidi said...

Great idea! My kids always used a paper towel...not so eco-friendly!

Brittney said...

way cool idea and piper is adorable.