Friday, June 25, 2010


(this is a repost from the very beginnings of our blog, almost 2 years ago!! This is what we will be doing today!)

Logan brought home his planner from school today and slammed it down on the kitchen counter and said "Mom, I have been dying to make this all day!" I turned to look at him and he had all the ingredients out and ready to could I say no. It was the coolest thing ever and perfect for the Halloween spirit!


2 Cups Cornstarch

food coloring

1 cup water

Put cornstarch in bowl, add food coloring, and slowly add water to cornstarch while mixing with hands. HAVE FUN!!!!


Doty Family said...

We're doing it after school today. I wonder if Clear jel would work in place of the cornstartch.

Dover Fam said...

It might. I really want to look up componants of cornstarch and figure out how it could happen!

Candy said...

my son and i made that or something similar a while back. Very fun! Check it out!