Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fathers Day Blues

I'm not a fan of Fathers Day! I love my husband and I love showing him that I appreciate and love him for all that he does, but well, it makes me feel bad for several reasons.

My own father died when I was nine. So there are few Fathers Day's that I remember as a child.

My husband, bless his heart, feels the need to spoil me for Mother's Day. This year I got a new camera. And usually he does really well at making it a surprise. I'm not so prone to spend a lot of money. I love the idea of giving something homemade and from the heart. He thinks it's kinda cheesy! But every year he smiles and says thanks. And every year I feel really bad. He doesn't make me feel bad intentionally, but I can just tell he's not as excited about the case of Dad's rootbeer and homemade cards, as I was about my camera!!

Also, I wouldn't mind spending money if my guys was easy to shop for. BUT HE'S NOT! He's not into gadgets, he doesn't golf, he doesn't read, he only wears ties on Sunday. Do you see my point?? He likes guns and cars. Both of which are out of my gift giving budget.

But the web isn't all that helpful this year. Of course, their are a few blogs with projects on them. Tip Junkie is always a favorite.

What would we do without Tip Junkie and all of her ideas? She has oodles of Father's Day ideas.

I have a few ideas and I will try and implement them today and see what happens. I'll post later this week to let you know what he will be getting. I am going to try and be a little bit creative!

And, while you consider all these fun ideas, go check out this video. It made me tear up just a little!


ellie g said...

I totally get your thing about Father's Day. My Dad passed away when I was 8. It makes the day kind of a bummer!! I hope you can have a good one anyway,

and really I stopped by to say that I noticed that you had my blog listed in your "daily reads" and I think that's super flattering. Thanks!

Cole and Kimala said...

Ugh.... I husband is the same... all he wants if a Ranger(side-by-side ATV) or a new TRUCK. Yeah, i'll run right out and by them both.