Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pinkalicious Party

This was the cutest and funnest party to plan for!! Up to now I've only ever hosted little boy parties, but this way fun! It was also one of the simplest parties I've ever thrown. I once made a pirate ship from a canoe, PVC pipe and a whole lot of canvas! So yeah, this was easy.
And look at that little face! It was so worth it!
First, we had the girls wear pink, pink, pink! And then we painted their toe nails pink.

And of course we read Pinkalicious!

I made each of the girls a pink cupcake Barrett for their goodie bags! My sister thougth I was crazy because I handstitched each one!

We filled their goodie bags with everything pink! They also were given a pink and silver crown when they arrived. We blew bubbles and ate lots of pink cupcakes, raspberry sherbet and drank pink Kool-aid.
It was fun and so easy to do. The party only lasted an hour, as it was for 3 and 4-year-olds. I had to much going on the day of the party, to decorate the way I had wanted to, but they didn't mind. I also made up a printable invitation, that you can print off and fill in the blanks. You can find it here.
There are also some great posts out and about in blogger, about Pinkalicious parties, if you want to go really crazy and above and beyond! How Does She, just posted a great one! If my little girl was a few years older, we might have gone this big.

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