Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I LOVE to shop at DI. It is an absolute treat for me to go and see what I can find. Other people's junk is my treasure! I love all thrift store and yardsaling is even better. DI is getting kinda pricey, but yardsales! Oh my! Anyway, here are two of my wonderful finds this week. Sorry for the blurry pictures.
This whiteboard calendar was only $3.00. Seriously! All it needed was to have the board cleaned and the bottom needed some tigthening and it was good to go. I am loving it!! We put it up last night and I've already had to change a few things on it. It's also magnetic!! Seriously a great find.
This fun little mirror has me super excited. I found this for $8.00, which normally I may not have paid, but i have been looking for something like this for awhile and honestly, I'm tired of picking up my kids coats. Wheter or not I'll use it to hang coats or fun crafty decor, I don't really know! It was missing 1 hook, so I took one off and headed to Home Depot to try and match it. I ended up buyin all new hooks, but now I am trying to decide whether or not I want to sand it down and paint it black or leav it. My house is a mixture of black, tan and diffrent shades of natural wood, so either way it would work. And then, I'm also considering putting a vinyl saying on the mirror. Not sure exactly what I want to do.
What do you think?? Paint it or leave it? Vinyl or not?? I've also got a few projects going on, and I am hoping to get to them this weekend and post them next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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Misty said...

I love the DI too!! There are always treasures to find there!!

Sand it, paint it, and put vinyl on it!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!!