Saturday, February 6, 2010

~ Love Actually ~

Valentine's at my house this year is on a small budget. Not that Josh and I do extravagant when it comes to holiday's. We only spend about $20.00 on each other for Christmas. We figure that we don't need to go crazy on a holiday to show each other that we love each other. We show each other love all year round!

With that said, let me tell you about this awesome blog, Love Actually. This is a great blog full of idea's for romance on a budget. And not just on Valentine's day, but every day of the year! I spent an hour browsing this sight, trying to decide just what I wanted to share, but I couldn't pinpoint one thing. It is full of great idea's. Everything from cheap date night ideas, to gifts, to advice and so much more. Your really must go and see it for yourself! I now have a few ideas up my sleeve to make Valentine's day affordable and special!!!

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