Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Could You be Replaced?

"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home
are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."
Thomas Moore
Does anyone else feel the need to be super mom? Involved in the community, in the school, in your church? The need to shuttle kids to and from music classes, to sport's practice, and to the school family night? My question is, when did we get so over scheduled?

I don't remember my Mom doing all the things I do. It doesn't mean she was a bad mother, oh no, she was a fabulous mother, but I have contemplated often, what the difference is between us. I think that times were much simpler when I was a kid. I played sports and was very involved in many different activities, but I don't remember the constant stream of activity that my kids have today. And I must admit, that my kids, stay busy, but I do not allow them to be involved with more than one thing at a time. I have friends who spend their entire afternoon running several kids to different activities, practices and rehearsals in different parts of town. It pretty much consumes their entire life! I don't want to be that mom.!!

I had an interesting conversation today with a couple of good friends, and we were talking about how much women judge each other. It's sad, but true. We do judge one another. We judge ourselves against our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and the women we see on the street and in the grocery store.

It's easy to feel that you could be replaced. I feel that way often. Anyone could come in and do my dishes, cook, clean and all of the other things that I do on a daily basis. And some women, could probably do it much better than I do and make it look good!! My friend told me that I should make a list of all the things I do, that no one else could do. I couldn't think of any off the top of my head. And then she told me that no one else could be a wife to my husband the way that I am.

Okay, well, that got me thinking. No one could be the kind of mom I am to my kids. No one can kiss their owies, or read them stories the way I do, simply because they are not me. I am the perfect mom for my kids because I am me. I have qualities that attracted my husband to me and that he fell in love with me for. Others may have those same qualities, but they could never be me. No one could be a friend, like me. I have abilities and thoughts that are all my own to share and bless others with.

It's an interesting concept to think about. The list could go on and on. It was interesting to see how much I could come up with, when I thought about it. My list was full of little things and some pretty important, big things.

I love this quote by President Monson:

"My dear sisters, do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks. Then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle, but you will be the miracle."

We are truly miracles, each of us in our own right. We are blessed with the ability to be mothers, wives, friends, sisters, daughters and so much more. Why the judging?


Brittany Ann said...

I don't think I've ever heard that quote before, it's beautiful. Thank you, I needed that today.

Nettie said...

so true... you just never know what goes on behind the scenes to make people appear as "perfect" as they seem to be...=) love you!!!