Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Daily Reads

We've had a rough week.

My hubby was playing church ball last Tuesday,

he jumped, landed wrong and broke his L3 in his back!

I've been kinda busy. No crafts at our house right now!

But here are some good reads to keep you busy.

I'll share 5 more each day this week.

brown paper packages

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

These are listed in no particular order.
All of these came out of my favorites page on my computer.
I use alot of memory for these!
Read daily for good laughs and great ideas!
These are only 5 of about 30 that are bookmarked!
I need to start putting all of them on the blog,
but that's alot of buttons.
I'm working on it.
Until then, go check out just a few
of my favorite ladies
Who do you visit everyday?

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