Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Dilemma

Is anyone else having a hard time refraining themselves from hanging up the Christmas decorations? I can't begin to tell you badly I want to skip Thanksgiving decor and jump right into the Christmas holiday. This is so unlike me. Each year I just think that the stores push Thanksgiving right out the door and go right to the Holidays. It usually makes me so sad and sometimes mad. I have even told managers before that I think it is ridiculous (most of them actually agree and blame it on corporate).
But this year I have been sucked into the craziness of it all. I want to start playing Christmas music, I want to finish my holiday shopping, I want to bake goodies for my neighbors and serve them on Christmas plates. I want to pull out all of my nativities and place them in each room. I am hoping I am not alone in this...... The good thing is I haven't fully succumed, I just haven't decorated for Thanksgiving!


DV-Becca said...

YES!!! I Have to decorate for Bunco first though and then Christmas is coming out early!

Erica said...

I'm from Canada so our Thanksgiving passed a month ago, lots of people here right after Halloween start with their Christmas decorations. I think that i'll pull mine out next week and start slowly. But the outside we leave till later.