Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Five Little Turkey's

Kids. especially preschool and kindergarten age love to rhyme and sing. I found this little rhyme and had to pass it along. Five Little Monkey's is a favorite at our house, so why not adapt it for Thanksgiving??
Five Little Turkeys ~ Author Unknown

Five little turkeys
Went outside to play.
Mother said, "Be careful!
It's Thanksgiving Day!"

The first little turkey
Didn't even see
The Indian who was hiding
Behind the maple tree.

The second little turkey
Decided she'd better scoot
When she heard the sound
Of the little pilgrim's boots.

The third little turkey
Went to climb a tree.
He climbed too high
And fell and skinned his knee.

The fourth little turkey
Didn't have a care.
She went running in the woods
And saw a pilgrim there.

The fifth little turkey
Was left all alone.
He started to cry
And ran all the way home.

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