Saturday, August 15, 2009

HCG: Week 1

Friday: weighed in at 195.8. Not much, but I have a confession to make. I cheated yesterday. I'm not as strict this time around as I should be. So my bad. I'm back on track.

Thursday: weighed in at 196.4. YES!! This is the kind of loss I want! It probably had something to do with going to Zumba this morning. I didn't weigh in until after I got home. So we'll see how tomorrow plays out. Zumba is probably why my Monday was quite a bit lower too.

Wensday: weighed in at 198.4. Slow and steady.

Tuesday: Weighed in at 199. That is progress. Although, I was hoping for a bigger number. It's usually pretty high the first few days. Well, a pounds a pound. And if you count from my first wiegh in, it is 2 lbs. Not bad.

Monday: Weighed in at 200.2. Weird. I didn't do a very heavy load day on Sunday, though. What an awful day with my kids. I One of the things that I do know about myself is that I am an emotional eater. It was so hard to no go in the kitchen and eat. Hope today is better tomorrow.

Sunday: Weighed in at 202.4. I did another load day this day.

Saturday: Weighed in at 201. Started the HCG drops for my first load day.


DV-Becca said...

hang in there!

The Garden of Egan said...

I love reading your posts about hcg, I just finished round 1, kinda had some horrible life events and have spent the last 3 days eating everything in site. I am going to take a 6 week break and then start over. Thanks for your site and honestly about hcg.