Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!!

March 2nd is Dr. Suess's birthday!  It makes for a fun week at preschool!  I just wanted to share some great sights, full of great Dr. Suess themed ideas!


Click on the above link to visit ObSEUSSed!  This girl defiently loves her Cat in The Hat!

Visit Oopsey Daisy for a ton of fun party ideas and activities.  These could easily be adapted to a classroom setting.  She also has a fun Dr. Suess Matching game available for a free download!

Fun in First Grade has a bunch of ideas!  These are geared to twoards 1st grad and above, but I was able to get some inspiration and find a few ideas that I could make work for my kiddo's.

2 Teaching Mommies has this huge unit full of fun ideas!
Counting and pattern cards by Our Little Monkeys.

Visit A to Z teacher stuff for loads of ideas. 
Available for all grade levels.
Early moments has some great coloring pages.
Erica Bohrer's First Grade has a great page full of links.
One Extra Degree, has some fun links & ideas!
Oh and visit Seussville
Lot's of goodies available here!
If you know of other sights, please share! 


Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Thanks for sharing about This is such a fun week that I love to do things all year to celebrate reading. This is a great list of link resources for Dr. Seuss info. Thanks for celebrating too!

2 Teaching Mommies said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the link! :)