Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Headbands

This is seriously the easiest craft ever. It is great to do for school party's or just because. We did these with my Kindergartner's class 2 years ago and have done it every year since.

Grab some poster board and cut headbands. Make sure you cut it the long way, or you might end up with to short of headbands. Especially if your kiddo has a big head, which mine does!! That was a lesson I learned the hard way.
Let the kiddo's decorate them any way they want. You can have them color them, glue glitter to them, or we used foam letter stickers to spell out their names. Glue the headbands together. Twist your pipe cleaners around a pen, attach 2 foam hearts or flowers back to back. Stapel the pipe cleaners to the inside of the headband. And now you have  cute Valentine Day headbands.

***This is also a repost from last year.  We will also be making these for our preschool party.  We are using fun cupcake picks, that we found at the dollar store.  We popped the glittery styrofoam hearts off the the sticks and hot glued them and then stuck them on a pipe cleaner.  Super cute!!

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