Monday, October 4, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

I saw this idea in the recent issue of Woman Magazine.  It's super easy.  I got the wreath at the dollar store and painted it black with acrylic paint.  They used black duck tape on theirs, but I already had paint, so it was one less thing to buy.
Once your wreath is dry, use a little hot glue and start gluing your candy corn around the wreath. Start at the same place with each layer.  That way if you have any blank spaces it will all be in the same spot.  This is where you will put your ribbon at the end.
With every layer of candy corn you will want to change the direction they are facing.

Tie some pretty ribbon around it and you have a fun Halloween wreath.  I am not loving the orange ribbon.  I am envisioning some wide, black, glittery ribbon, so I will probably go and get it today and change it out.  I found all the stuff I needed to make this at the dollar store and spent $3.00 for a cute wreath! 

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