Friday, October 8, 2010

C is for Cookie Monster and Clown

We started out by painting a paper plate blue.  We used textured rollers to actually make the paint look like cookie monsters hair.  We did this in our first center and then let them dry during recess and finished them in our second set of centers. We used a 2 inch punch to punch out white cardstock for the eye's.  Of course you could use black circles for the eye's rather than the pom poms.  I drew the mouth and cut out.  The cookie was made out of a 2 & 3/4 inch punch.  The chocolate chips from brown paper and a regular sized hole punch.

This one was fun.  The shapes that make up the face are foam shapes.  We had the kids sort through and pick out the shapes.  Add a hat and some crinkley paper and wala, you  have a fun clown face!

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