Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rolled Flower Headbands

For the tutorial, go to this post.
 These are a few that I have made for gifts. I've come along way since I first started making these.  I use all sorts of flowers and embellishments now. Feathers and tulle are my favorites! This is one of my favorites.  I have made about 20 in the last few weeks and each is really different.
 You can make them very simple. Just use the flowers.  The headbands come from here.  Walgreen's also has some that are a bit nicer.  You get 4 for $5.00.  This is the better option if you are just going to make a few.
I also bought some of their Kuffi hats, but beware, they are tiny!  The small size is for newborns and the large, for maybe a toddler.  They fit my 3-year-old, but won't for very long.

I also have made a bunch of these on clips for my littler nieces.  You can get a big box of clips for $5.00 at Sally's or a hair supply company.

Have fun!

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