Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have A WITCHIN Halloween

I saw this idea last Halloween, had it bookmarked, and now I can't remember who to give the credit to. I am so sorry, please let me know if it is you so I can give you the credit. This is what we "booed" our neighbors with lastnight. I thought they were pretty dang cute and I must say they were pretty tasty as well. It is pretty self explanatory but we took a fudge stripe cookie, frosting, and a hershey kiss and made tasty witches hat. Super easy and my daughter had a good time helping me make them. I think it is great for kids to help you give to others, it teaches them to be unselfish and giving of themselves.


Kris said...

That is way cute!!! And it looks so easy.

Mother Huddle said...

those are waaayyy cute! I have to boo a couple of my neighbors, I may have to try this! I hope you submit some of this fun stuff to us! I would love to feature you!
Have a Happy Halloween!

DV-Becca said...

Love That!! It reminds me of when we did the flipz pretzels for Christmas and said 'Have a flipin' good Christmas' LOL