Friday, March 4, 2011

It Feels...

This is another 5-senses activity.  We did 10 different materials, ranging from feathers to sandpaper and everything in between.  We had the kids feel each piece of material and then had them glue them onto the hands.  We asked the kids to describe the material and what if felt like to them.  I LOVE the answers that we got from some of the kids.  My own little girl, had some that made me crack up.  The sandpaper felt like Poppa's face, the fake leather felt like a couch and one of them felt like her dog Brody.  It was fun to hear their answers.

Fabric stores are great to look for material for this project.  A remnant can go a long way when your talking about 1 inch pieces.  Also look at the craft supplies and hardware stores.  We used sponges and Brillo pads, the possibilities are endless.

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Renee said...

Awesome! I have an in home daycare and think I am goin to have to give this a try with my kiddo's thanks for the inspiration. hugz n blessings.