Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easy and Cheap Graduation Gift

 I spent 3 years recently serving in the Young Women's program in our church.  This year I've been hit with a wave of graduates!  Which is good, but it can get expensive.  The dilemma I was facing, do I give them all 5 dollars, and really what is 5 bucks in the scheme of things or do I come up with something fun and affordable I can give to everyone.  I opted for fun and affordable!  I went with the old adage, "just popping in", but there was a lot of fun stuff that fell under the word pop.

I filled each bucket with fun crinkly paper and then added the goods.  Everything here came from the dollar store, even the cute buckets!  We have Otter Pops, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, popcorn and soda pop!  I also considered, Cracker Jacks, Blow pops, Tootsie pops, bubble gum, because it goes POP!  You could go a lot of different directions with this.  Each basket cost me about $6.00 to make.  You could go way cheap, and just do it and give out single items.  Or use a cute cellophane bag and put in a single packet of popcorn, a single pop rock and a tootsie pops.  Tie it up with cute ribbon and a tag.  Perfect, easy and cheap! 
I used glue dots to attach the tag to a colored Popsicle stick.  Then I used glue dots again to attach the Popsicle stick to the backs of the popcorn boxes. 

The best part is, that these can be used for anything. Teacher appreciation, neighbor gifts, birthday gifts, and just about anything you might want to celebrate!

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