Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emergency Car Care Kit Tutorial

These are stinkin' cute! 
I got one for Christmas last year and I love mine.
I decided to reproduce something similar.
I love the big chunky buttons and the cute potholders.
These cost me $3.50 a piece to make.
First thing will be to find some cute potholders.  The one that I got was a larger sized pot holder, but a standard size will work just as well.  These came Dollar Tree
Take 6 plastic, zipper seal Ziploc and place them inside the potholder.  You will want 3 going out each way.  I hope you can see what I mean in the picture.  Measure your potholder across to find the center.  I used a dry erase marker to draw a line down the center for a sewing guide.
You are going to stitch a zigzag stick right down the center of the bags.  This is kinda hard and I messed up the first one, because the bags are slippery to sew on. 
Go back and trim the excess off of the bottom of each bag.  Trim it as close to the stitching as possible.  Be careful not to cut into the stitching.

Sew a cute chunky button on the outside and now fill it with goodies!  I put in antibacterial wipes from Walgreen's,a couple of Tylenol packets, band aids, tissue, dental picks, safety pins, nail clippers and a file.  You can fill it with whatever you want.  Mine had all of these things plus an emergency sewing kit.  You can also save a slot to put in some cash.  Mine came with a $5.00 bill.

I whipped out 15 of these in 2 hours.  All of the filler came from the dollar store and Walgreen's.  This is an easy present to mass produce if you want to do them for Christmas.Happy sewing


Andie and her Boys said...

OH MY GOSH!! Those are adorable! Who thinks of this stuff???

Misty said...

Cute idea, Brandy!! Thanks for sharing!

Kellie said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

Jana said...

What a great idea!!

Link it up at my new linky party,

Suzie said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing!
Suzie @

nap time journal said...

How CLever!!! Thanks for sharing :)

eye_on_sparrow said...

Great idea and an easy little gift that most anyone could use.

carla louise said...

Stopping by from Sew Cute Tuesday. I love your idea and I already have
some of those big chunky buttons in my button stash! Thanks for
sharing. I will make some of these for Christmas!
Take care!
carla louise

Al McLeary said...

What a great idea. Maybe gluing the bags before sewing them would help with the slippage issue

allison @ said...

this is genius! perfect gift idea! thanks for sharing!

Laurie Smith said...

Wow! Fun Saturday project!