Thursday, August 26, 2010

He Loves Us and We Love Him, New YW book

Have you ever heard of Laurel Christensen?? She's published a few books and works for Deseret Book. She also an ever present face at TOFW!! I met her a few years ago and talked to her about a blog she had called, Ask Laurel, (which I can't get to work, I don't think she has it anymore). I blogged about her blog before too, you can see it here. She's cute, she's funny and super sweet. I just found out she's publishing another book for LDS Young Women. It looks pretty cool! I'm excited!

You can pre-order it at Desert Book, it's only $10.00!! What a great Christmas present for teh Young Women in you life! Here are some quotes from the book. I took this directly off Laurel's blog.


The reality is that faith isn’t about me. It’s about Him. And the Lord Jesus Christ has a pretty impeccable past record…not just in my life but in the countless lives and experiences of God’s children. That is why if my faith is really centered in HIM, then I’m always okay. Always.


Regardless of who your parents are or how they have chosen to raise you, you have inherited qualities from your Heavenly Parents that are 'in your blood.' It's just who you are.


Trust that God has a divine mission waiting for you and JUST for you. Trust that He, even now, is orchestrating details of your life to help you fulfill what you were sent to this earth to perform.


The most important knowledge you will gain in this life will be the knowledge that is put into your heart and your mind through life's experience by the power of the Holy Ghost.


Every choice has a consequence. But, the Lord loves you enough and trusts you enough to let YOU choose throughout your life. And a daughter of God who understands who she is has the power within her to make good choices and then gets to enjoy the consequences of those choices.


One of the characteristics of God's daughters is that we have a natural inclination to nurture other people. We want to love them and serve them and help them. It's one of my favorite things about being a girl. And it's one of the things that makes a girl beautiful.


That is the epitome of integrity--not simply acting right when you have the chance to act wrong, but acting right when you have the chance to act...right.


The culminating experience for a daughter of God who lives the values is being as close as possible to her Father in Heaven and to her Savior as she enters the doors of God's Holy House--the temple."

Now scoot on over and pre-order it for all the beautiful Young Women in your life!!!

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